Dairy Concepts was established in 2002, and is the brainchild of Dr. Hugh Jellie, Principal and Director of Dairy Concepts Limited.

Hugh created Dairy Concepts out of a vision to improve dairy production through improved management practices and animal husbandry. He recognised that good management is essential for good cow care, and that good cow care is fundamental for sustainable dairy production and getting the best performance from stock at a reasonable expense.

“The ad hoc treatment of cows, when they are already in poor health, is a wasteful process – of production and resources,” says Hugh.

“The most efficient and successful production is from cows that enjoy consistently good health and not from those that are constantly treated for a variety of chronic conditions.

“We work with the concept that a healthy cow is a profitable cow.”  Everyone on farm needs to understand how they can contibute to the health and welfare of the cow.

Hugh Jellie – CEO

Hugh is a veterinarian who has specialised in the dairy industry for 25 years, having been involved in private practice and research. His vision is to improve large herd productivity through improved animal welfare, management and husbandry.

Hugh has provided his expert advice to the dairy industry more than 25 years, as well as developed new management systems to improve performance of large herds, and designed and managed large scale calf rearing operations. He also funded and conducted the largest study into issues which compromise performance and productivity in large dairy herds in New Zealand, which established the Caring Dairying brand. His particular interests are in sustainable dairying, the use of biodiversity to contribute to sustainability, developing the capabilities on farm to better support the animals in our care and delivering better results to those land owners and rural people who have an indigenous connection to their land and agriculture.

His areas of expertise are production management, ruminant nutrition, reproduction, efficient calf rearing and preventative medicine in large dairy herds.