The Dairy Concepts programme focuses on achieving dairy farming objectives and optimum herd production by providing a range of services that are customised to the needs of individual dairy farms.

Free Appraisal
Hugh will visit your farm to gain an understanding your issues, the possible factors involved and your farming operation. This first appraisal and programme outline is free.

Farmers are often dispensed with generic advice that is not suited to their farm or its objectives. Therefore, every Dairy Concepts programme is unique to each client, based on each farm’s needs, and developed in consultation with the farm’s people.

Dairy Concepts is a complete-package, holistic programme that addresses all issues affecting productive performance.

The Dairy Concepts programme is based on the Caring Dairying approach developed by Hugh. A farm business consists of four pillars as below and a successful sustainable farm business needs these to be in harmony as each goes hand-in-hand in delivering a healthy and productive herd.

Dairy Concepts Services Programme