Dairy Concepts – helping farmers become successful

Dairy Concepts is a holistic management approach to dairy farming. It recognises that farming is a complex mix of interrelated activities which can all impact the running of a successful farming business. It offers a variety of programmes tailored to you, the individual farmer. These programmes address the husbandry, environmental, economic and social issues farmers face today.

I am passionate about this industry and have worked in it a long time. My work and research shows me that despite all our efforts we are not making good progress towards a more sustainable future; animal health, welfare, social and environmental issues are increasingly prevalent.

I developed Dairy Concepts for those farmers who recognise they have issues on farm which affect their business performance and who want to take a different approach; who care about the cows, people and environment and want a more sustainable farming business.

Most profit stealing issues are preventable. We will help you understand the cause and work with you to overcome these issues. We become part of your team to help you improve your business.