The Caring Dairying Philosophy

The Caring Dairying philosophy supports long-term sustainability, growth, good farming practice and quality products within the New Zealand dairy industry. The philosophy was born from a need to improve dairy standards and maintain a sustainable industry in a world that is demanding more from New Zealand dairying.

In practice, Caring Dairying is about loving your cow from the ground up – from the farm to the factory to the delivery of the milk. Caring Dairying creates a culture of good practice among large herd dairy owners, encouraging dedicated cultivation of a farm’s environment, its animals and operations to ensure delivery of premium dairy products, and gaining the very best return for our dairy farmers and economy.  A product with the Caring Dairying trademark tells a story about the origins of the milk and provides provenance of quality dairy products.

Dairy Concepts applies the Caring Dairying philosophy in all aspects of its practices and training. We want to establish a market-driven demand for high-quality whole milk products in discerning markets that value milk, distinguished by a recognised quality mark, and which rewards suppliers accordingly.